Multi-Family Residential & Condominiums

Pier Point Condominium, Jacksonville Beach, Florida

1661 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida

Synergy performed the structural design of the five story commercial residential mixed use condominium. The entire project was designed 6 weeks time in a fast-track mode in order to beat a condominium building moratorium referendum which was voted in by Jacksonville Beach constituents in

November of 2004. The project was approved by plan review building officials on its first submittal. The project features a parking garage and commercial shops at the ground floor level, a pool deck with club house on the second floor, ocean view terrace on the third floor, 7 two story townhouses, along with 58 condominium units. The structure is post-tensioned concrete slabs and shear walls supported on spread footings above soils improved by vibro-floation techniques. Construction is currently underway and scheduled to be completed in December 2006. Construction budget for this 150,000 square foot building is $10,000,000.

Water’s Edge Condominium, Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Berkman Plaza’s Tower, Jacksonville, Florida

Performed threshold inspections for the 22-story, 330,000 square foot, post-tensioned concrete apartment building that overlooks the downtown district along the Saint John’s River in Jacksonville, Florida.  This facility is the first phase of a two phased project that will include an additional tower, parking garage, and more town homes which began the first major push to replenish Jacksonville’s downtown housing.  The apartment tower, which was constructed with an eight-inch thick slab, has 206 units between the second and twenty-second floor including 8 penthouses.  Occupied within the first floor and mezzanine level of the tower are a restaurant, a hair salon, a small deli, and offices to help provide a self contained community.  Also included in the scope of work was inspection of the 131,000 square foot concrete overlay slab that was constructed over the St. Johns River to support the parking garage, town homes, grassed commons areas, and the river front restaurant.  The nine-inch concrete overlay slab was constructed above the existing pre-cast double-tee highway girders that were originally used as public parking and as a roadway.  This entire project is supported on concrete piles.  The inspection of this structure not only included the permanent structural framing but also included the temporary floor-to-floor shoring.

Tim Frazier performed the structural design of the four story precast concrete commercial/residential mixed use condominium and five story precast concrete parking garage while working for RS& H.  The construction budget for the 200,000 square foot condominium structure and 100,000 square foot parking garage is approximately $23,000,000. The project features commercial shops at the ground floor level, residential units with exterior balconies and covered walkways on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels along with a river view terrace on the roof level.  The 2nd level of the condominium structure consists of 8” precast concrete hollow core slabs supported on 6” and 12” CMU walls.  The 3rd, 4th, and roof levels consist of 24” precast concrete double tees supported on 12” CMU walls and steel framing.  The elevated covered walkways consist of 8” precast concrete hollowcore slabs supported on steel framing.  The five story parking garage consists of 24” precast concrete double tees supported on 8” and 10” precast concrete walls.  All of the precast elements received a field applied 2” concrete topping. Both structures are supported on shallow spread footings approximately 2’-0” below finished grade.  Construction is currently underway and scheduled to be completed in October 2006. 

Another example of fast track design is the Water’s Edge Condominium. This 7 story - 54000 square foot oceanfront building was designed within ten weeks time in order to beat the Jacksonville Beach Condomium Moratorium referendum which was voted into law in November 2004. The 8,000,000 dollar project features a parking garage at the ground floor with 18 residential condominium units on 6 elevated floors. The structure was designed in accordance with Florida Coastal Construction requirements with a concrete frame below the 2nd floor and breakaway walls.Construction above the 2nd floor was post-tensioned concrete slabs and shear walls. Foundations were concrete caissons for beach erosion during storms events. The structure is schedule top out November 2005 and be ready for occupancy in the summer 2006.

Piper Dunes Condominiums Phases I and II

Performed the structural design of the 6.5 million dollar twin 7-story condominium buildings at Amelia Island Plantation, Florida.  The construction costs on include the costs for the buildings.

Marina San Pablo, Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Performed the structural design of the 246,000 square foot 11 story condominium project.  The first phase includes the 11 story building with a yacht club and pool deck, the 90 boat slip marina, the site retaining walls, and the entry guardhouse. This building features nine levels of living units above two levels of parking.  Two future buildings are intended for this site, Building “B” and Building “C”. The pile foundations for Buildings “B” and “C” are included as part of the first phase of construction in order to avoid creating site vibrations which could damage the existing structures at the site.  All buildings will have nine levels of residential living space above two levels of parking.  Column locations between the residential parking levels and living spaces do not align and are carried by transfer beams at both levels of the garage.  The total project budget is 88 million dollars.

Villas of Augustine Isle

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