Performed the structural design of the 246,000 square foot 11 story condominium project.  The first phase includes the 11 story building with a yacht club and pool deck, the 90 boat slip marina, the site retaining walls, and the entry guardhouse. This building features nine levels of living units above two levels of parking.  Two future buildings are intended for this site, Building B and Building C. The pile foundations for Buildings B and C are included as part of the first phase of construction in order to avoid creating site vibrations which could damage the existing structures at the site.  All buildings will have nine levels of residential living space above two levels of parking.  Column locations between the residential parking levels and living spaces do not align and are carried by transfer beams at both levels of the garage.  The total project budget is 88 million dollars.

Marina San Pablo, Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Harbor Structures

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