The Leaning Tree at hole #3 is the signature golf hole at Palencia according to Kim Shine, golf course manager of Palencia. This massive oak tree has grown horizontally across the entire width of the third fairway and offers a unique challenge to golfers. Palencia was concerned that this marvelous tree was vulnerable to falling under its own weight or potentially that it could be uprooted by a storm. They hired Synergy Structural Engineering to find a solution that fit into the natural woodland environment as much as possible. The solution was to install a 12-inch diameter steel pipe on a 12-foot square by 2 foot thick concrete foundation. The pipe has been textured and painted painting to blend in with the surrounding woodlands by Roy Batterman of An Eye for Color. While the structure is relatively simple, the engineering to accomplish it was not. Because it was desirable to make the pipe support as narrow as possible, the design of the structure needed to take into consideration the effects of vibration. The natural frequencies of both the tree and its supporting structure were calculated along with other factors involved in dynamic analysis of structures. Sophisticated wind load analysis techniques were employed which included consideration of vortex shedding. Surveying of the tree area was accomplished by photogrametric techniques. The walls of the pipe column, which was fabricated by Allstate Steel company, are 1 inches thick and it has a 2 thick base plate. Availability of these materials were confirmed by Synergy in the design phase to be sure that steel mill rolling schedules would not delay construction of the project into  hurricane season.

Palencia Golf Coarse Tree Shoring

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